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About our company

Colba Tannery PLC is a Private Limited Company that produces and exports finished leather made from sheep skins, goat skins, and cow hide. It was founded in January 2002 as a Private Limited Company by Ethiopian investor Mr. Ayele Dejene and his family. The factory is located in the Oromia region, 70 kilometers from the capital, and has an area of 18,966 square meters. Mr. Ayele Dejene has been in the raw hides and skins industry for over Fifty years, thus he is well-versed in the selection and acquisition of these raw materials.

Colba Tannery has an international reputation as a trustworthy and diligent manufacturer, producing high finished leather for upper, glove, garment, and lining to over 20 nations across the world. We allow prospective clients to check our items before to shipment and offer competitive products at reasonable prices.

Colba tannery plc is one of Ethiopia’s largest and most advanced tanneries. The tannery processes famous Ethiopian bati jeniun goat skin, which is the most recommended raw material for the Production of goat suede leather. Abyssinia and selali hair sheep skin have highly distinct and popular characteristics for the manufacture of fashionable and sport gloves. As previously noted, the Colba Tannery is located in Modjo Town, 70 kilometers east of Addis Ababa, and produces cow hide for shoe uppers, garment gloves, and other leather items. Very convenient for train, aircraft, and lorry transit to the ports of Djibouti and Kenya.

Production Capacity

Colba Tannery’s production factory is located in Modjo and has a soaking capacity of 10,000 skins and 600 hides per day. The tannery is prioritizing research and development (R&D) as one of the fundamental keys to future success as a partner of finished leather customers Worldwide.

Our leather technologists are always focusing on research and development for technologically  and environmentally sustainable goods. Every year, numerous new items are put into the market in order to fulfill the specific needs of distinct clientele. Our goal is to provide high-quality items while concentrating on client pleasure.

The Tannery is well equipped with modern and latest Italian machines that enabled us supply quality finished leather to our customers according to their demands.

Quality assurance and quality control are essential at Colba Tannery PLC. Strict evaluation of raw materials. Process controls and finished products are being performed on daily basis to ensure that high quality products are delivered to our clients and if it is according to the standard. The factory has established a well-equipped quality control laboratory for chemical and physical testing. we can even improve processes if necessary by applying more chemicals until they meet required standards.

Opportunity for the production

Because the country is one of the top livestock holders on the continent, there is a large possibility for row material intake, particularly row skins. Furthermore, this Company has a sister company that works on the Abettor business and exports to various countries, therefore the company takes use of this chance to improve its contribution in the export market.

Our Mission

The company’s objective is to manufacture “World Class Leather” from sheep, goat, and cow leather for a variety of products. Sheep uppers, garments, gloves, upholstery, linings, and various leathers

Colba Tannery is proud of its long history of producing high-quality leather products to consumers all over the world. Its mission is to be the greatest tannery in Africa in all aspects. This entails not just creating high-quality leather, but also teaching and developing extremely gifted individuals who are committed to achieving excellence.

Our Vision

Colba Tannery is working hard to realize its goal of being one of Africa’s greatest tanneries. In order to satisfy the demands of clients in an increasingly competitive business climate, we are committed to our vision by consistently developing our policies and objectives. We are using international-certified quality control methods.

We strive to remain competitive by using cutting-edge technology and adhering to the most up-to-date international standards throughout the whole manufacturing process.

We are devoted to being one of Africa’s greatest tanneries in every way by investing in people and educating them to be competent and efficient in their different professions.

Achieving our Goals

We are moving towards our goal of seeing Colba Tannery Plc to produce high-quality products, with high-level of service, and meeting international standards. Producing high quality leather for export and local markets which is indicated as follows Production for annum


Colba Tannery Plc has had an illustrious journey these all years. We are now one of the most prominent tanners in Africa, with customers all over the world. We are committed to improving our products and services, ensuring that our customers are always satisfied. We want to be able to see ourselves as one of the best tanners in the world in all dimensions.

The main goal of the company is to supply a quality product to the market and focus on the customer satisfaction and to earn the appropriate profit from it.

Its mission is to be one of the best companies in the leather industry. It distinctive features are constant selection standards and timely delivery

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