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Location Colba tannery is located in Mojo town, Oromia region, 70 kilometers from Addis Ababa. The company’s location is quite convenient for obtaining the essential services and input. Electric power transit and a dry port are located near the factory to ensure that the essential inputs of the process, such as raw crop supplies, water supply, and trained labor, are readily accessible to create leather without interruption.

The factory’s location allows for the utilization of rail and lorry or trucks and air transportation as an alternative to importing various inputs such as chemicals and exporting the finished products. Using the neighboring dry port. The provision of the aforementioned fundamental infrastructure is beneficial to the smooth operation of the factory’s operations. Colba Tannery used a variety of operating methods and processes to ensure the business’s long-term viability.

Quality and Environmental Management System

  1. ISO 1400 based EMS (Environmental management systems) is one of the critical applied systems that enables the company to meet national and international environmental regulations governing effluent discharge limitations and the protection of air, land, and water pollutions. To ensure or apply the aforementioned system, a modern effluent treatment plant with an environmental laboratory is established as the organization’s core infrastructure.
  1. ISO 9000 based QMS (Quality Management Method) is another quality system used to assure product quality and customer satisfaction. To test and validate the quality of the products, a well-equipped quality controls laboratory is developed as one of the company’s core infrastructures to ensure the smooth operation of the market by meeting product specifications.
  1. There is a well-equipped R&D (Research and development) department to enhance the production process or embrace new technology in order to remain competitive in the global market by generating competitive products.

4. Colba Tannery is always trying to develop the leather value chain, beginning with the supply of hide and skin raw materials and on to the selling of processed leather and leather products.

What's Unique about our Company

The tannery processes the well-known Abyssinia hair sheep skin and selalle sheep, both of which are used to make fashion and sport glove leather and procedure bati jeniun goat skin, a common row material, to make goat suede leather cow hide leather for shoe uppers. Or a steady supply of fresh and high-quality row hides and skin modern slathering buildings run as a sister plant by the same investor, Mr. Ayele Dejene. Having a constant supply of raw materials is a tool for the organization’s smoothly operating system and business processes. Having a permanent product show room in the factory, attending local and international leather fairs, collecting feedback, and having a well-established customer base are strategic sales and marketing systems of the organization that help to improve the leather value chain.

The well-structured and planned management system, with a leather professional and experienced management group, the food will and image built over the previous 25 years, has led in a solid business environment and clients who stay with the company for a long time.

All of the previously described well-established infrastructure aids in the seamless operation of systems and the overall origination process.

The Infrastructure of our company

Company infrastructure includes the systems and processes that provide a base for a company's operations.

Our Waste Water Treatment Unit's Infrastructure

Colba tannery has got well established modern effluent and efficient treatment plant. Which consists of primary and secondary treatment with well-organized chrome recovery unit. The sludge management of the plant is done by using properly settled sludge thickening and conditioning apparatus and modern filter press machine.

The main goal of the company is to supply a quality product to the market and focus on the customer satisfaction and to earn the appropriate profit from it.

Its mission is to be one of the best companies in the leather industry. It distinctive features are constant selection standards and timely delivery

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